July Tea Crossword; version 2

  1. 3. This Chinese Province is the home of Pu-erh Tea.
  2. 4. This band sang Tea in the Sahara.
  3. 6. In this country guests are expected to tap their fingers on the table three times to show gratitude for the tea being served.
  4. 7. Scones originated in this country.
  5. 12. The name of the art of fortune telling that uses patterns in tea leaves to divine the future.
  6. 13. This herb is added to gunpowder tea to make the characteristic Moroccan Tea.
  7. 14. In 1908, American Thomas Sullivan began packaging tea samples in bags made of this material.
  8. 15. This is the tea tasting term that describes a liquor which is pungent, creating a "dry" feeling in the mouth.
  9. 18. A Russian teapot, adapted from Tibetan teapots.
  10. 19. Tea was originally used for this purpose.
  11. 20. This famous fictional character’s favorite tea is Earl Grey. (2 words)
  12. 23. This is the name of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  13. 24. This is a lidded bowl for brewing and drinking tea.
  1. 1. This traditional Japanese teapot is specifically designed to brew green tea.
  2. 2. This tea from the West Bengal region of India is known as The Champagne of Teas.
  3. 5. This character hosts a garden tea party in the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” (2 words)
  4. 8. Spicy, milky tea from India is called this.
  5. 9. Bubble tea is a tea-based drink that originated in this country in the early 1980s.
  6. 10. The most well- known smoked tea that comes from the Wuyi region in China’s Fujian Province.(2 words)
  7. 11. Robert Fortune can be attributed to transporting tea from China to this country in 1848 to help the British Empire.
  8. 16. This component of tea is responsible for its effect on iron absorption.
  9. 17. This Japanese Green Tea is made with roasted brown rice.
  10. 18. This type of tea is infused with aroma and taste of various flowers or spices under controlled conditions.
  11. 21. This Indian Tea is the base for Irish Breakfast Tea.
  12. 22. Tea leaves rolled into small round pellets are called this.