KELY Crossword啟勵填字拼圖

  1. 7. "Hello, I am ____, your personal healthcare companion. I was alerted to the need of medical attention when you said: Ow!"
  2. 8. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley's friend
  3. 10. A robotic cat that uses special gadgets in his pocket to help his human best friend in a Japanese anime
  4. 11. The song about friendship in Fast and Furious
  5. 12. Best friends with Captain America
  6. 14. Animation about a sea monster making new best friends on a summer adventure in Italy
  7. 16. A body part that you lend to your friends to cry on
  8. 18. If you live in the river, you should make friends with the ____
  9. 19. Best friends are like two____in a pod
  1. 1. Best friends with Dr. John Watson in their detective journey
  2. 2. B.F.F. stands for best friend ____
  3. 3. Animal who is friends with Groot (The Guardian of Galaxy)
  4. 4. ____ is a girl’s best friend
  5. 5. The death of a friend is the same as losing a
  6. 6. Pixar movie series that is about friendship
  7. 9. Human's best friend
  8. 13. A good friend is like a four-leaf ____, hard to find but lucky to have
  9. 15. Sharing is ____
  10. 17. A person ideally suited to another as a close friend spiritually
  11. 19. ____ support is a key focus of KELY