Kevin McKidd: FILMOGRAPHY 2013

  1. 1. Werewolves couldn't stop Kevin in this film.
  2. 4. Kevin’s character gets shot in the eye and is the leader of the Tongs gang in this film set in 1968 Glasgow.
  3. 5. Kevin voiced Jezz Torrent, lead singer of Love Fist, in this video game.
  4. 7. Kevin plays the fiery lover of Mary, Queen of Scots, in this TV Movie.
  5. 10. Kevin's character doesn't fair so well in this prequel to Silence of the Lambs.
  6. 12. Kevin plays a jewel thief in this gem of a film directed by Paul McCartney's son-in-law.
  7. 14. Kevin gets to play his favorite superhero in this Justice League animated film.
  8. 15. A future co-star plays Kevin's love interest in this 1998 film. Kevin's character name is the same as his astrological sign.
  9. 17. Sean Connery teared up while watching this film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. A future co-star plays Kevin's mother in this film.
  10. 18. Kevin teamed up with Gillies MacKinnon again for this film about a hippie mother traveling to Morocco with her 2 young daughters.
  11. 20. In this short Kevin plays a husband who wakes up to discover he has had a one-night stand.
  12. 22. Kevin played Poseidon in this first Percy Jackson film.
  13. 23. Kevin returned to Scotland to film this 2010 BBC TV movie where things are a little off in a nightmarish hospital.
  14. 24. Kevin lived in this city while filming an HBO series of the same name.
  15. 27. Kevin had a small part in this film about an art dealer and Hitler.
  16. 28. Kevin sings and dances in this film about Gilbert and Sullivan.
  17. 29. Kevin is the voice of Soap MacTavish in this popular video game series.
  18. 30. Kevin plays the ghostly patriarch searching for a new haunting ground in this film.
  19. 32. Kevin plays a trauma surgeon in this TV show.
  20. 33. A top pick of many Kevin fans. He plays a recovering gang leader and alcoholic trying to turn his life around and find love.
  21. 34. Kevin plays two roles in this popular Pixar film that showcases his homeland.
  22. 35. Kevin's slacker character in this film thinks he has found gold.
  23. 36. Kevin plays a bad guy in this film about the fall of an empire and the beginning of the King Arthur and Excalibur legend.
  24. 37. Kevin plays an underworld crime leader in this film revolving around martial arts and gangs.
  1. 1. Kevin plays a priest in this short.
  2. 2. Kevin co-starred with Grey's castmate Patrick Dempsey in this film.
  3. 3. Kevin starred in this 2000 UK legal TV series.
  4. 6. You might watch this TV movie in which Kevin appeared around March 17th. Kevin married during the filming of it.
  5. 8. Kevin's character, the Duke of Norfolk, gets executed for treason in this mini-series covering the life and long reign of a British queen.
  6. 9. This 2002 film is based on a novel by Charles Dickens. Kevin's character gets off on the wrong foot with the title character but they end up becoming friends.
  7. 11. Kevin plays a drug addicted hellion in this upcoming film that also stars a former Grey's Anatomy co-star.
  8. 13. Kevin plays a soft touch in one of 3 tales in this Irvine Welsh written trilogy.
  9. 16. A PBS mini-series covering a classic, and long, Russian novel.
  10. 19. Kevin's character works for a tulip grower who you don't want to cross in this film that features as Star Trek captain.
  11. 21. Cole Porter's life is revealed in this film in which Kevin appeared with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd.
  12. 25. Kevin had a role in this Ridley Scott film about the Crusades.
  13. 26. Kevin landed his first TV role in this British sitcom.
  14. 28. Kevin was left off the poster for this film because he was on holiday and not around for the photo shoot.
  15. 31. If fans could travel back in time they'd order more episodes of this great, but short lived, TV series in which Kevin starred.
  16. 34. Kevin plays a tap-dancing, sword yielding killer in this film based on a form of Japanese puppet theatre.