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  1. 1. One thing you do everywhere, but prominently was done all the time in AIT Lab.
  2. 3. The most used mirror while driving car by Dhruvil (First word only)
  3. 6. Which juice you opt for while going home from college
  4. 11. Text Size while chatting
  5. 12. If Dhruvil wants to travel from A to B which is 5 kms apart, what mode of transportation will he opt for ??
  6. 13. Favourite video call application
  7. 15. Uses an app to send messages from others account during lab sessions
  1. 2. Darshan Of B2 Batch
  2. 4. Always wanted to attend lectures of a subject in Sem 8.
  3. 5. Favourite faculty in college
  4. 7. Miss ________ who is always ready with new on latest couple(s) in B-town (Batchmate -town)
  5. 8. Type Of food he opts for when we all go out for dinner.
  6. 9. A preferred mode of payment
  7. 10. One TV Show he always talked about in college
  8. 11. Writes couples name on every bench(Initials of Male-Female)
  9. 14. Writes code in a very famous language