Let's Go to the Prom

  1. 2. Ashmanskas who received a Tony nom for his role as Barry
  2. 5. Streaming service that the film will air on in December
  3. 8. Michael who played the school principal
  4. 11. Name of flop musical about a famous Roosevelt that takes place at beginning of "The Prom"
  5. 12. Name of 11-Down's girlfriend
  1. 1. Chain restaurant that Mr. Hawkins and Dee Dee go to
  2. 2. Leavel who received a Tony nom for her role as Dee Dee
  3. 3. Nicole who will play Angie in the film
  4. 4. "Love Thy _____" (song from the show)
  5. 6. Angie tells a story about this famous choreographer, first name Bob
  6. 7. State in which "The Prom" takes place
  7. 9. Movie Meryl who will star in the film
  8. 10. He finally gets to go to the prom
  9. 11. Name of main character in "The Prom", and in a Jane Austen novel