Manatee Village - Pioneer Jobs

  1. 1. "_____smith" is a person who works with metal and made necessary items like farming tools and architectural structures.
  2. 5. place for travelers to stay overnight.
  3. 9. vegetable made of crunchy stalks, parsley family, white with green leaves.
  4. 10. type of animal used for eggs.
  5. 13. bitter citrus fruit.
  6. 15. red fruit, Harllee family started this industry.
  7. 17. person who separates oysters from the shells.
  8. 18. sweet red fruit, type of berry, popular in Plant City.
  9. 19. "mail _______" person who delivers mail.
  10. 20. type of doctor that Manatee Village did not have at first, deals with teeth.
  1. 2. this is a type of tree grown by Mrs. Atzeroth and sold as a caffeinated beverage today.
  2. 3. person who cuts and sells meats.
  3. 4. young man who delivers newspapers.
  4. 6. person who teaches children in a one-room schoolhouse.
  5. 7. medical professional, many women in the medical field held this position.
  6. 8. person who draws portraits for customers.
  7. 10. person who performs office tasks.
  8. 11. "___ hunter" refers to someone who herds cattle while Florida was still a free-range state.
  9. 12. building that employs many people, manufacturing or production plant.
  10. 14. a citrus fruit given as a gift during the Holidays.
  11. 16. person who connects telephone party lines.
  12. 21. type of plant that makes a sweet substance.