March Madness

  1. 6. Which player led San Francisco to back-to-back NCAA Tournament titles in 1955 and 1956?
  2. 9. What is the farthest a No. 15 seed has ever advanced in the NCAA Tournament?
  3. 10. This guy played for Kansas last year, and wore #4.
  4. 12. Which coach has won the most NCAA Tournament games?
  5. 14. Who is the only defending national champion to fail to make the field the following year?
  6. 17. The school with the most championship wins?
  7. 18. 19 year old star-boy
  8. 19. He says "We the best music"
  1. 1. This 5th seed team made a run all the way to the championship in 2023.
  2. 2. What was the first No. 16 seed to win in the NCAA Tournament?
  3. 3. What program has made the most appearances in the NCAA Tournament?
  4. 4. The last repeat winner of the NCAA tournament
  5. 5. Most 1 seeds in tournament history
  6. 7. The first men’s NCAA Tournament took place in 1939. How many teams played in the tournament?
  7. 8. Who is the only three-time Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four?
  8. 10. Which player set the NCAA Tournament record with 14 blocked shots in a single game?
  9. 11. Player for Tennessee this year, white boy of the year
  10. 13. What is the highest number of games one team can play in a single NCAA Tournament?
  11. 15. Who is the only woman to be named the Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four without her team winning the championship?
  12. 16. What team emerged from the first-ever First Four to reach the Final Four?