MCB Crossword

  1. 3. to engage in legal proceedings
  2. 4. The act of using force necessary to prevent injury/death of oneself
  3. 8. Element of a Tort
  4. 10. False statement that injures a persons reputation
  5. 11. to apply to a higher court for a reversal of a decision
  6. 13. A court order for a person to do or not do an act
  7. 15. --------------- is a commonly used generic name for an ‘area of land’ in a real property law problem
  8. 16. Another term for ‘Blackmail’
  9. 17. To intentionally and illegally set fire to a building
  10. 18. The cancellation of an offer
  1. 1. The term for a person’s permanent home, where they intent to reside indefinitely
  2. 2. the number of judges that sit in the grand chamber of the echr
  3. 5. A person who assists or encourages the principle offender with the intent that the crime be committed
  4. 6. Statements made by witnesses under oath
  5. 7. what someone is charged with for hindering the process of administration of justice
  6. 9. an IP right that allows the legal owner to prevent others from using or selling an invention
  7. 12. Reasonable belief for cause of a criminal act
  8. 14. “K” is commonly used abbreviation for this term