Mental Health

  1. 4. treatment for mental illnesses that includes talking to professionals
  2. 7. mental picture one has on oneself
  3. 8. a good skill to provide to a friend having problems
  4. 11. everyone has a role in preventing this
  5. 12. having thoughts, feelings different than other people the same age
  6. 13. hotline for kids to talk to kids about any subject
  7. 14. a trained adult to work with people with mental illnesses
  8. 16. term we use to describe how our emotions and thoughts affect the way we mentally handle stress
  1. 1. deep sorrow
  2. 2. apply, consider, and talk to a person you trust
  3. 3. to understand and share the feelings of another
  4. 5. a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment
  5. 6. help, empathize, listen and plan
  6. 7. providing yourself proper nutrition and exercise
  7. 9. suicide is this if we help
  8. 10. negative stereotypes, often communicated by how we treat people with mental illness
  9. 15. syndrome after a traumatic event