Mental Health Treatment

  1. 2. A house in Halifax that offers mental health treatment and resources
  2. 3. Something health professionals can help you overcome if you communicate the issue
  3. 6. A person who will help you access proper mental health treatment
  4. 8. Medical therapy can be appropriate for this mental illness
  5. 11. A therapy focuses on improving healthy social interactions
  6. 13. An object that may be used to access mental health treatment
  7. 14. Someone you love, trust and can talk to about feeling
  8. 15. This negative opinion may be a barrier to treatment
  9. 16. When you need help, just ______!
  1. 1. People who will support you, that you can talk to about your mental health
  2. 4. A decrease in this may indicate mental illness
  3. 5. Keeping this state of mind will aid in treating and preventing mental illness
  4. 7. Symptom of mental illness
  5. 9. Asking for this is a normal part of life
  6. 10. A behavioural therapy that focuses on identifying patterns of thought and altering them to healthier patterns
  7. 12. Kids Help Phone is an ___________ phone hotline