Microplastic Madness!

  1. 2. What is the most common type of microplastic?
  2. 4. A type of plastic we need to stop using.
  3. 7. This type of microplastic is frequently used in cosmetics.
  4. 8. What is the name of the pellets used to make plastic products?
  5. 11. This microscopic organism produces half of the world's oxygen.
  6. 12. What is the name for pieces of plastic less than 5 mm long?
  7. 14. How many trillions of pieces of microplastic are in the ocean, according to the UN?
  8. 17. The students testified in a meeting of New York _____.
  9. 18. What does the S in CSO stand for?
  1. 1. What problem did the students identify in the blocks around their school?
  2. 3. What is the word scientists use for information they collect?
  3. 5. What is the name a person who studies the interaction of animals and chemicals in the environment?
  4. 6. What do you call animals that live in the ocean?
  5. 9. What word describes plastic that are no longer intact?
  6. 10. What kind of Lunch Day did the students ask their prinicple for?
  7. 13. What does the C in CSO stand for?
  8. 15. What does the O in CSO stand for?
  9. 16. _____ Cracker Plants make plastic on-site.
  10. 17. Where in New York was the rally to ban polystyrene?