1. 7. Video signal transmitted with signals mixed together on a single cable:
  2. 8. When reformatting a 4:3 aspect ratio video to fit in the center of a HDTV screen, leaving the sides empty, the effect is called ______.
  3. 10. When creating graphics for conversion to video, do not place any critical information such as text in the outside 15% of the image. Instead, keep it within the _____.(3 words)
  4. 12. This is a multimedia container format.
  5. 14. A redundant hard-disk system that will support high-speed data transfer rates is called a _____.
  6. 15. Computer displays draw the lines of an entire frame in a single pass; this technique is called: (2 words)
  7. 17. An HDTV display screen may be made from: (3 words)
  8. 18. This is not a typical studio light: (2 words)
  9. 19. The colors __ and __ should be avoided as cue colors because color-blind individuals cannot see them correctly. (2 words)
  1. 1. Removing magnetic color distorts on a TV:
  2. 2. Television screens use a process of building a single frame from two fields to help prevent flicker on CRT's in a technique called_______.
  3. 3. This is not a codec:
  4. 4. In a video camera, CCD stands for: (3 words)
  5. 5. This is not a television signal format:
  6. 6. High-Definition Television (HDTV) is displayed in a(n) __:__ aspect ratio.(word form; 2 words)
  7. 9. When you are shooting blue screen, blue is known as the____ color.
  8. 11. This occurs when an analog tape is copies to another analog tape: (2 words)
  9. 13. The television signal format used in France, Russia & a few other countries is known as _____.
  10. 16. The digital video and audio compression schemes that compress a video for delivery and then decode it during playback are called _____(s).