Mills & Boon Crossword

  1. 3. There are six different series: Modern, True Love, Historical, Medical, Heroes and ?
  2. 7. This director was influenced by Mills & Boon when shaping his latest Marvel film
  3. 9. Which University has over 4,309 Mills & Boon titles spanning 102 years in their collection?
  1. 1. The most common occupation for a Mills & Boon hero
  2. 2. Doctor-nurse romances played a huge role in boosting public support for this service last century
  3. 4. Gerald Mills and Charles Boon launched the company with £1000 in the year 190...
  4. 5. When this concrete barrier came down in the 1980s, staff from one side handed out 750,000 free copies of Mills & Boon novels to women on the other side
  5. 6. A Mills & Boon novel was added to this castle grounds in Yorkshire for a time capsule to mark the BBC's 60th anniversary and 'vital clues of life in 1982'
  6. 8. How many seconds is a Mills & Boon novel sold in the UK?