ML corssword #8

  1. 3. a state reached during training in which training loss and validation loss change very little with each iteration
  2. 4. The portion of a Long Short-Term Memory cell that regulates the flow of information through the cell
  3. 6. The center of a cluster as determined by a k-means or k-median algorithm
  4. 7. A generalization of Log Loss to multi-class classification problems
  5. 9. An N-gram in which N=2
  6. 10. The number of layers in a neural network that learn weights
  7. 11. A specialized hardware accelerator designed to speed up machine learning workloads on Google Cloud Platform
  8. 12. Data that captures the state of the variables of a model at a particular time
  1. 1. A system that determines whether examples are real or fake
  2. 2. A sophisticated gradient descent algorithm that rescales the gradients of each parameter
  3. 3. In mathematics, casually speaking, a mixture of two functions
  4. 5. A categorical feature represented as a continuous-valued feature
  5. 7. A technique for handling outliers
  6. 8. In reinforcement learning, each of the repeated attempts by the agent to learn an environment.