Movie Limbo

  1. 1. to prevent something, especially food, from decaying (= being destroyed by natural processes) by treating it in a particular way
  2. 6. something that you enjoy doing when you are not working
  3. 7. to continue to exist, especially in a difficult or dangerous situation
  4. 10. clothes that you wear under other clothes and next to the skin
  5. 11. a hard cover for protecting a broken or injured part of the body, such as an arm or leg, while it is getting better
  6. 12. to force somebody to have sex when they do not want it
  7. 15. a container or cover used to protect or store things
  8. 18. the smallest finger on your hand
  9. 19. money or goods that you give to an organisation, especially one that helps other people
  10. 20. someone who is legally responsible for another person such as a child whose parents have died
  11. 21. to force somebody to leave a country, usually because they have broken the law or because they have no legal right to be there
  12. 22. to repeat an activity regularly so that you become better at it
  13. 24. to take something that belongs to someone else without permission
  14. 25. the place, in some Christian beliefs, between heaven and hell where some people who are not Christians go when they die
  15. 26. someone who does not like or respect people who belong to races that are different from their own and who believes their race is better than others
  1. 2. a disease of dogs and other animals that causes madness and death. Animals with the disease can pass it to humans by biting them
  2. 3. to push somebody/something or yourself into a space that is too small
  3. 4. to replace one thing, person, service, etc. with something new or different
  4. 5. to stop yourself from doing something. This word is often used in official announcements or signs
  5. 8. to examine something in order to find out whether it is how it should be
  6. 9. the performance of something, especially a song or piece of music; the particular way in which it is performed
  7. 13. someone who is not brave enough to fight or do something difficult or dangerous that they should do
  8. 14. a small piece of advice about something practical
  9. 16. a group of spies or secret agents that have remained inactive for a long period
  10. 17. a lively and pleasant quality, taste, or feeling
  11. 23. to remove the testicles of a male animal or person