Movie Terms

  1. 2. The chief of a movie production
  2. 4. Highest point of tension or anxiety which the lead faces
  3. 9. The words of a song
  4. 11. The name given to the Academy Awards
  5. 13. A break in the middle of a film
  6. 14. The creative artist responsible for complete artistic control of all phases of a film's production
  7. 15. Type of a movie involving lots of songs instead of normal dialogue
  8. 18. A movie which is a huge success
  9. 21. A male or female who plays a character role in a film
  10. 22. Refers to the degree of sharpness of an image
  11. 24. The process of selecting, assembling and structuring many separate camera takes
  12. 25. A group of three films
  1. 1. Another word for the type of film
  2. 3. Any spoken lines in a film by the actor/actress
  3. 5. An individual who writes the review of a film
  4. 6. Names of all people involved in making of the film, shown at the end
  5. 7. The art and technique of film photography
  6. 8. A non-fiction/narrative film
  7. 10. A signal or sign for an actor to start performing
  8. 12. A comedy film paying tribute or mocking an earlier film
  9. 16. A special appearance by someone famous
  10. 17. The process of putting sound or dialogue of a movie after production
  11. 19. A short publicity preview or advertisement of a film
  12. 20. Refers to the spool for winding film
  13. 23. The written text of the entire film