1. 2. All of the actors in a movie.
  2. 6. A movie that is serious and often about difficult topics.
  3. 8. office The amount of money that a movie makes at the cinema.
  4. 9. The type of movie, such as action, comedy, or horror.
  5. 10. A dangerous trick that is performed in a movie.
  6. 12. The time and place in which a movie is set.
  7. 13. A short video that is used to promote a movie.
  8. 15. The person who is in charge of making a movie.
  9. 16. The techniques used to create illusions in a movie.
  10. 19. The text that appears at the bottom of the screen of a movie to provide a translation of the dialogue.
  11. 20. The story of a movie.
  12. 21. The written script of a movie.
  13. 23. The art and skill of designing the outfits for a movie.
  1. 1. The techniques used to create images that are not real in a movie.
  2. 3. A movie that tells a true story.
  3. 4. A movie that is created using animation.
  4. 5. A movie that is made independently, without the support of a major film studio.
  5. 7. The music that is used in a movie.
  6. 11. The performance of the actors in a movie.
  7. 14. A very successful movie that makes a lot of money.
  8. 17. The objects that are used in a movie.
  9. 18. The process of filming a movie.
  10. 20. The person who is responsible for the financial and organizational aspects of making a movie.
  11. 22. The art and skill of filming a movie.