1. 2. She joins the army as a boy to protect her dad
  2. 3. Many,Many dogs
  3. 5. He has really big ears
  4. 8. A fox who steals from the rich to give it to the poor
  5. 9. The name of the first Disney princess (She lives with 7 dwarfs)
  6. 10. She lives in Hawaii and gets raised by her big sister
  7. 14. 'See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me! And no one knows how far it goes'
  8. 17. He needs a girl to kiss him or he will stay a frog forever
  9. 19. His nose grows when he lies
  10. 20. His mother got killed when he was a kid and his bff is a rabbit
  11. 22. A girl who sleeps for 100 years
  12. 25. The oldest princess has icepowers
  13. 26. Two dogs who eat spaghetti
  14. 27. A dog who thinks that he has superpowers
  15. 28. The king of thieves
  1. 1. His parents got killed by a tiger and he got raised by monkeys
  2. 4. She falls in a hole and ends up in a wonderful land
  3. 6. She falls in love with the man who keeps her imprisoned
  4. 7. A mermaid who falls in love with a human
  5. 11. A yellow bear who loves honey
  6. 12. A movie about the life of animals f.e A rabbit who wants to be a cop
  7. 13. A boy who lives in the jungle and get raised by a bear and a panther
  8. 15. The son of the Supreme god
  9. 16. his dad gets killed by his uncle
  10. 18. She wears a blue dress but it vanishes at midnight.
  11. 21. A boy who lives in neverland
  12. 23. An Native American who falls in love with the enemy
  13. 24. A abducted princess with really long magic glowing hair