1. 2. In this type of movie you can see cowboys, horses and guns.
  2. 4. Where people go for entertainment
  3. 8. You can see cartoon characters in this type of movie
  4. 9. A person who directs a movie
  5. 10. A story that involves a lot of fast and dangerous events
  6. 11. A movie that is meant to make people laugh
  7. 13. In this type of movies you can hear music and you can see people dancing
  8. 15. A story that is inspired by real life
  9. 18. A type of movie that makes you scream
  10. 19. A device used for making movies
  1. 1. A small statue given to the best actor, actress, movie etc of the year in the American movie industry.
  2. 3. You can see aliens in this type of movies
  3. 5. A person who acts in a play
  4. 6. You can see magic in this type of movies
  5. 7. A short form of science fiction
  6. 12. The American Movie Industry
  7. 14. A celebrity who is popular
  8. 16. A famous movie starring Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet
  9. 17. Soldiers, Tanks, and explosions are typical in these type of movies