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  1. 6. an entertainment company or motion picture company that has its own privately owned facilities that are used to make films
  2. 8. the music in a film
  3. 12. unreal or artificial image or sound that is used in the film
  4. 13. an action sequence in films which looks dangerous, e.g. car chases, jumping from tall building etc.
  5. 14. a group of people who make the film but don't act
  6. 15. a part of a film which is set in one location for a number of minutes
  1. 1. the way and the level of acting / playing the role
  2. 2. the words/lines that actors say in a film
  3. 3. the basic story or summary of a film
  4. 4. words or lines that the actors/characters say in a film which are displayed on the screen
  5. 5. a film that has been made from another film, book, play etc.
  6. 7. the main person who makes a film
  7. 9. a commercial advertisement for a feature film that will come out in the future
  8. 10. all the actors in the film
  9. 11. the person who the film is about and who has the the biggest role