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  1. 4. The movie where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fight
  2. 7. Leo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for this movie
  3. 8. Hello, you killed my father, prepare to die
  4. 9. The other Ryan Reynolds movie that didn't do well
  5. 10. May the odds be ever in your favor
  6. 11. Ben Higgins is engaged!
  7. 14. Legen-dary! As said by Barney Stinson
  8. 16. It's bigger on the inside
  9. 17. Makes you feel guilty for eating while these contestants work out
  10. 18. Disney characters who are always in a curse
  11. 22. this Marvel comic frequently breaks the fourth wall
  12. 23. Mindy Kahlig is an OBGYN
  13. 24. a noodle making panda who learns kung fu
  1. 1. a fish with a lucky fin
  2. 2. Love triangle between a human girl, her werewolf best friend and vampire boyfriend
  3. 3. Kylo Ren can't beat a girl
  4. 5. A girl who wants to be a part of your world
  5. 6. Shamy, Leonard, and Penny
  6. 12. A cowboy and space explorer who wants to be friends with a boy name Andy
  7. 13. I'll be there for you, and you'll be there for me too.
  8. 15. archeologist
  9. 19. It's levIOsa, not leviosA
  10. 20. Based on Hamlet, this movie laughs at the face of danger ha ha ha
  11. 21. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock