Musical Theatre History

  1. 5. The Rodgers & Hammerstein musical which changed the landscape of musical theatre as the first fully integrated musical play
  2. 6. The successful 1981 musical from Britain that broke running records on Broadway
  3. 10. Follies, his ultimate stage revue, introduced in the 1910s
  4. 11. The art form in which many roots of musical theatre came from
  5. 12. A composer that introduced concept musicals in the 1970s
  6. 15. A satirical musical which debuted in 2001, parodying The Threepenny Opera and Les Miserables
  7. 17. An iconic concept musical based on true stories of seventeen dancers
  8. 18. A revolutionary new musical that has repeatedly sold out on Broadway and each touring market
  9. 19. Composer of the longest-running hit of the 1920s
  1. 1. A barber whose theme is based on the tune of the Dies irae from Verdi’s Requiem
  2. 2. The only actress to have won a Tony Award for a performance in an off-Broadway production
  3. 3. The iconic 1960s musical that brought in a wave of confusion on Broadway, bringing in different styles of music
  4. 4. Rodger’s first “H” partner
  5. 7. Gilbert and _________
  6. 8. The musical which brought Broadway’s previously defunct Nederlander Theater back to life in the 1990s
  7. 9. One of a few popular touring productions that has had runs of many years off-Broadway, but has never moved to Broadway
  8. 13. The Great _________, an event in 1930s American history that surprisingly saw musical comedy reach a peak of creativity
  9. 14. Bob ______, iconic director and choreographer known for a unique style of movement
  10. 16. A collection of songs, scenes, and dances, typically satirical or celebratory