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  1. 4. I’m stuck on at I25 and Colorado on the highway, I’m waiting for a tow truck but the traffic is really bad.
  2. 5. I’m on I70 and this car won’t stop following me.
  3. 7. There’s a car blocking my driveway
  4. 10. This guy just drove away in my car.
  5. 11. My neighbors are screaming at each other, it’s a man and a woman, she said something about their baby.
  6. 12. The lights at Colfax and Williams are all flashing red.
  7. 14. Help, some guy just grabbed my friend and pulled her into his car and drove off!!!!!
  8. 16. We’re fixing the lights at 6th and Corona and need someone to direct traffic, it’s Will in traffic engineering.
  9. 18. Someone just dumped a sofa in the alley behind my building
  10. 22. These kids are stealing things from the backseat of a car on my street.
  11. 25. I just saw three teenagers light a trash barrel on fire.
  12. 27. Hey it’s Kris with BNSF I have a car that was left on the tracks that needs to be towed.
  13. 30. I’m not able to get in touch with my aunt to let her know her mother died. I have her address.
  14. 31. My friend stole my TV when he was at my house last night.
  1. 1. This is Bob with the National Weather Service we are activating a siren in the area of 37th and Havana.
  2. 2. Someone keyed my car overnight
  3. 3. There’s a mattress in the 2 left lanes on I70
  4. 6. On call back from a hang up the caller gives a location in Lakewood
  5. 8. This is Jake with State Farm. I will be on the 600 block of 25th street watching a party concerning an insurance claim.
  6. 9. There is a guy using heroin on the front steps of my apartment
  7. 13. A women is stealing candy from our store
  8. 15. I have one adult male for the DDC from Denver Health.
  9. 17. My neighbors are playing their music so loud.
  10. 19. Hi, this is Becky with DHS I have a teen and his father who need to be at the Family Crisis Center tomorrow at 0900
  11. 20. My brother is at his house in Denver and he was a warrant for an assault
  12. 21. I found a purse on the sidewalk
  13. 23. There are 20 cars racing along I25
  14. 24. Hi, my wife hasn’t been home in 3 days, she hasn’t answered any calls or texts.
  15. 26. There’s a woman panhandling at York and 6th
  16. 28. This is Verizon calling to test lines for this business.
  17. 29. I’m stuck in an elevator