Network Monitoring Crosswords

  1. 1. Operations where no service, daemon, or process needs to run in the background on the machine the action is being performed on
  2. 4. Systematic approach to problem-solving
  3. 11. Never stop with Domotz
  4. 12. Website where you can find all the customers' reviews about us
  5. 15. Our Mascot
  6. 16. A Domotz feature that allows performing user-defined actions
  7. 17. One of the main protocols of the Internet protocol suite
  8. 19. You can increase it by using our real-time alerting system
  9. 20. Mechanism for creating a secure connection between a computing device and a computer network
  10. 21. Where you can read more about our network monitoring software
  11. 23. Could be an XBox game or a Domotz Integration
  12. 24. Lasts 14 days for Domotz
  13. 25. Domotz collects lots of these recognitions each season
  14. 26. Simple Network Monitoring Protocol
  1. 2. A critical IT process to discover, map, and monitor computer networks and network components
  2. 3. Physical and logical arrangement of nodes and connections in a network
  3. 5. Where you can look at Organizations, Sites, and Devices
  4. 6. A unique address expressed in a numerical format
  5. 7. One of Agent Installation Platform supported by Domotz
  6. 8. You can customize them, create, edit, and set alerts on them
  7. 9. An all-in-one solution for your IT Service Business
  8. 10. You can receive it every month by submitting a specific form
  9. 13. A Domotz feature that enables users to connect to the systems they need when they are physically far away.
  10. 14. Is the first section that you can see when you launch Domotz
  11. 17. The number of integrations in Domotz
  12. 18. Authentication method available in Domotz
  13. 22. Allows users to create and personalize reports
  14. 27. Defined main Domotz users