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  1. 3. A chemical element which participates in metabolism and neutralizes the pH value of human's body.
  2. 4. It plays a essential role in connecting organization of plants and animals
  3. 6. fat The intake of this fat would raise your cholesterol level.
  4. 9. Something that can be replaced
  5. 11. The amount of food that is adequate for a person
  6. 13. It is an essential part that compose all the cells and tissues of the human body.
  7. 14. fat The intake of this sort of fat can lower your cholesterol
  8. 15. They are bad fat which can cause heart diseases.we can get it from biscuits.
  9. 19. We can get them from our daily diet, they have different kinds and provide people with different sorts of nutrition.
  10. 20. An opposite form of solid.For example water, blood.
  11. 21. A chemical element which can make your blood red. You can get it from vegetables and seafood.
  1. 1. A substance that is naturally formed underground
  2. 2. Food Guide It is a guide that made by Canada’s health department to show Canadians’ well organized on nourishment.
  3. 5. It can improve our bodies. We can get it from meat, vegetables, and other food.
  4. 7. contain kinds of amyloidal and sugared food
  5. 8. A chemical element which is good for supporting bones, teeth, muscle tissue etc
  6. 10. Most food has it, without it, people cannot stay alive.
  7. 12. The chemical process an organism used to grow and heal itself
  8. 16. It is consists of glycerol and fatty acids
  9. 17. They are used to count the amount of energy we get.
  10. 18. D It can protect blood and help to get Ca. You can get it from cheese and eggs.