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  1. 3. A part of the Vitamin B complex that aids in normal growth and development
  2. 5. One of the types of carbohydrate
  3. 6. An animal muscle -source of protein
  4. 8. A group of nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, iron, and iodine
  5. 12. This group of foods is a good source of Vitamin C
  6. 17. This nutrient regulates body temperature and helps in the digestion of food
  7. 18. A person who is not getting all of the nutrients that his body needs is ___-nourished
  8. 20. A type of cereal and bread that is a good source of Vitamin B and roughage
  9. 22. A mineral necessary for healthy bones and teeth
  10. 24. A substance found in food that is necessary for health
  11. 26. A nutrient which just supplies energy
  12. 27. A nutrient found in yellow-orange fruits and vegetables that maintain normal night vision
  13. 28. A part of the body built by calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D
  14. 29. The nutrient iron maintains healthy ___ ______ _____ (3 words)
  15. 30. A part of the body kept healthy with Vitamin A
  16. 33. Another name for Vitamin C
  17. 34. A non-food source of Vitamin D
  18. 35. Food that is treated in some way has been _______
  19. 39. Works with calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones
  20. 40. When a vitamin is dissolves in fat, it is said to be fat ________
  21. 42. To make sure your body gets all of the nutrients it needs, you must eat a ________ of foods
  22. 44. A food that has the fibre removed has been ______ (part has been taken away)
  23. 47. A nutrient that builds and repairs body tissues
  24. 48. A mineral that prevents nutritional anemia
  1. 1. Builds strong bones and teeth and helps blood to clot when you have a cut
  2. 2. A nutrient group that does not have calories
  3. 4. A source of fat -spread on bread
  4. 7. One of the functions of fat is to ______ the body organs
  5. 9. When nutrients are added back to a food after it has been refined, the food has been __________
  6. 10. You are what you ____
  7. 11. Another name for roughage
  8. 13. These berries are a good source of Vitamin C
  9. 14. The nutrient water controls the __________ of the body
  10. 15. A food-source of protein
  11. 16. These supply energy and carry Vitamins A and D
  12. 19. There are two types of vitamins. These are fat soluble and _____ _____ vitamins
  13. 21. A science which deals with the study of food and its use in the body
  14. 23. Part of the Vitamin B complex that maintains healthy skin and eyes and promotes a good appetite
  15. 25. A food which is a good source of protein, calcium, Vitamins A and D
  16. 31. Helps the body digest food
  17. 32. A function of the nutrients -protein, vitamins, minerals, water and roughage is to __________
  18. 36. A measure of the amount of energy that a food gives your body
  19. 37. A good natural source of protein, often served in place of meat
  20. 38. Thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin are part of the ________ complex
  21. 41. The nutrients fat, carbohydrate, and protein all supply ______
  22. 43. Iodine helps the ______ gland work properly
  23. 44. One of the functions of nutrients is to build and ________
  24. 45. A nutrient found in these food sources -potatoes, bread, cereals, macaroni, rice (-cereal products)
  25. 46. An organ meat which is an excellent source of iron and Vitamin A