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  1. 3. A fee that is within the range of the usual fee charged for the service.
  2. 5. Record of all checks issued on and deposits made to a specific account.
  3. 8. The process of managing the financial accounts of a business.
  4. 9. Coordinating insurance coverage between two insurance carriers.
  5. 14. A system designed to maintain the financial records of a business.
  6. 15. Payments on any outstanding accounts payable.
  1. 1. The overhead costs of a business that must be paid to keep operating.
  2. 2. The insurance company that pays the claims and collects premiums.
  3. 3. Publication that lists the procedure codes assigned to dental services for the processing of dental insurance.
  4. 4. Fixed amount of cash.
  5. 5. A draft or an order drawn on a bank account for payment of a specified amount of money.
  6. 6. The total of all professional income received.
  7. 7. Expenses and disbursements paid out from a business.
  8. 10. Business expenses that are ongoing.
  9. 11. Form of insurance that reimburses an employer for loss resulting from theft by an employee.
  10. 12. Method of tracking the accuracy and completeness of bookkeeping records.
  11. 13. An itemized memorandum of funds to be deposited into the bank.