Olympic Games

  1. 1. In which city were the ancient Olympic games held?
  2. 3. What metal are the golden medals primarily made out of?
  3. 5. The ancient games were part of a cycle known as the ______ games.
  4. 6. How many countries have been constant competitors in the modern Olympics?
  5. 9. Zappas _____ the first Olympic games in 1859.
  6. 11. What is the youngest age you can be to participate in the Youth Olympics?
  7. 13. In what city were the first "modern" Olympic games held after the revival?
  8. 15. Which person in ancient Greek mythology gave the games their name?
  9. 16. Due to what situation were olympic games in 1916, 1940 and 1944 cancelled?
  10. 17. Zeus walked in a straight line for 200m, what did he name this distance?
  11. 19. "Doping" means to use ____ to enhance performance.
  1. 2. _____ games are for disabled people.
  2. 4. The ancient games lasted five to six _____.
  3. 5. Which event in the ancient Olympics consisted of jumping, a foot race, discus, javelin throwing and wrestling?
  4. 7. In which country did the ancient Olympic games take place in?
  5. 8. How many rings are used to symbolise the games?
  6. 10. How large is the gap (in years) between one Olympic game and the next?
  7. 12. In which city was the second "modern" Olympic games held?
  8. 14. During the ancient Olympics, athletes competed completely _______.
  9. 18. The Olympic ____ is lit at the start of each event and signifies purity, perfection and life.