Paychex Easter Crossword

  1. 2. chick shaped marshmallow's
  2. 5. This is the only holiday that trumps Easter for most candy consumed
  3. 8. What you put your eggs in
  4. 12. Easter Island is a part of this country
  5. 13. over 16 million of these are consumed during Easter
  6. 14. This animal hides eggs on Easter
  7. 15. This is the first part people tend to eat off a chocolate bunny
  8. 16. Dont ask me why but kids dress up as ____ around Easter in Finland
  9. 18. The largest Easter egg hunt consisted of 501,000 eggs that were searched for by 9,753 children in this state
  1. 1. Easter origins came from this country
  2. 3. The date Easter lands on is impacted by this celestial Object
  3. 4. This Easter event is held at the White House (3wds)
  4. 6. Baked Easter pastry shaped into a knot
  5. 7. This company see's huge chocolate egg sales during easter
  6. 9. This country has the world's largest Easter egg museum with over 1500 Easter eggs
  7. 10. Traditional hat worn on Easter
  8. 11. Flower associated with Easter
  9. 17. The worlds tallest chocolate egg (34ft and 15,873lbs) was made in this country