1. 5. a body suspended from a fixed point allowed to swing freely
  2. 6. the law which relates the extension of a spring and the force applied to it
  3. 8. the distance travelled divided by the time taken to travel that distance
  4. 12. the force experienced on a body due to gravity
  5. 13. the rate at which work is done
  6. 16. a force of attraction between any objects with mass
  7. 17. the ratio of useful work to energy expended
  8. 19. the state of matter without definite volume
  9. 20. the rate of change of velocity
  1. 1. any device which uses a force acting at one point to overcome a force at another point
  2. 2. how far two points are in a given direction
  3. 3. a force which always opposes motion
  4. 4. the net combination of two or more vectors
  5. 7. the state of being balanced
  6. 9. the ability to do work
  7. 10. the turning effect of a force about a pivot
  8. 11. a quantity that has only magnitude but no direction
  9. 14. the S.I unit of work is the
  10. 15. all forces are measured in this unit
  11. 18. the force applied per unit area