1. 3. the push or pull measurement of an object
  2. 6. how a change in velocity is measured
  3. 8. A complete vibration
  4. 10. measurement describing the randomness of a
  5. 11. how force is measured (think Isaac Newton)
  6. 12. zero Theoretical lowest temperature
  7. 15. energy energy that heat generates
  8. 18. The change in the position of an object in a particular direction is called displacement
  9. 19. A pure chemical substance that cannot be broken down into anything simpler by chemical or physical means; there are over 100 known elements, the fundamental materials of which all matter is made
  1. 1. rate or measurement at which work is done
  2. 2. energy energy in an object in motion
  3. 4. energy energy stored in an object
  4. 5. The division between two regions of differing physical properties
  5. 7. force pushing on an object
  6. 9. Alternate name for the Celsius scale
  7. 13. A reflected sound that can be distinguished from the original sound, which usually arrives 0.1 sec or more after the original sound
  8. 14. Metric unit used to measure work and energy; can also be used to measure heat; equivalent to newton-meter
  9. 16. Unit of electric current. It is equivalent to coulomb/sec.
  10. 17. how mass in motion is measured
  11. 18. energy gravity countering theoretical repulsive force which causes gravity to expand quickly