1. 5. Regions of a magnet from which field lines are directed to and from.
  2. 6. The product of velocity and mass of an object.
  3. 9. Forces of attraction between particles.
  4. 11. Speed at which an object is moving in a particular direction.
  5. 14. Electric circuit component with a resistance that decreases at its temperature increases.
  6. 17. The change in state between liquid and gas.
  7. 19. device that measures potential difference.
  8. 20. Circuit component with a low resistance if its connected one way through around a circuit.
  9. 21. Negative acceleration when an object slows down.
  10. 24. A particle that orbits the nucleus of all atoms.
  11. 25. Measure of force of gravity on an object.
  12. 26. Unit of power, symbol W.
  13. 27. State of matter in which all particles of a substances are separate and move freely.
  1. 1. Measure of amount of substances per unit volume.
  2. 2. Unit of electric charge, symbol C.
  3. 3. Quantity that measures the amount of mass in an object.
  4. 4. Material of object that allows electric charge to flow through it.
  5. 7. The change of state in which the particles at the surface of the liquid have enough energy to separate and become a gas.
  6. 8. Unit of energy symbol J.
  7. 10. Rate at which an object speeds up, calculated from change in velocity.
  8. 12. Distance moved in a particular distance, symbol V.
  9. 13. Flow of electric charge.
  10. 15. Energy an object has because of its movement
  11. 16. The change of state in which the particles in a gas slow down and move closer to form a liquid.
  12. 18. The change of state in which all the particles in a liquid have enough energy to break free and become a gas.
  13. 22. Device that measures electric current.
  14. 23. Unit of force, symbol N