Plate Tectonics

  1. 2. The margin or boundary between two tectonic plates.
  2. 8. Tectonic plate margin where rising magma adds new material to plates that are diverging or moving apart.
  3. 9. A sudden or violent movement within the Earth’s crust followed by a series of shocks.
  4. 10. Molten liquid rock above the surface of the Earth.
  1. 1. A rigid segment of the Earth’s crust that can ‘float’ across the heavier, semi-molten rock below. Continental plates are less dense but thicker than oceanic plates.
  2. 3. Tectonic plate margin where two plates are converging or coming together and the oceanic plate is subducted. It can be associated with violent earthquakes and explosive volcanoes.
  3. 4. Tectonic plate margin where two tectonic plates slide past each other.
  4. 5. The type of plate that forms the Earth's continents.
  5. 6. The type of plate found under oceans.
  6. 7. Molten liquid rock below the surface of the Earth.