Play the RAWMINA Crossword

  1. 2. CRM refers to what type of Raw Materials? (8 letters)
  2. 5. A silver-coloured, brittle element, used extensively in the electronics industry. (8 letters)
  3. 8. The RAWMINA project has received funding from this European Union research and innovation programme. (7 letters,4 numbers)
  4. 9. The RAWMINA project focuses on mines and minerals representative of this peninsula. (7 letters)
  5. 10. An extremely durable element with the highest melting point of all. (8 letters)
  1. 1. The first element in the periodic table named after a country. (9 letters)
  2. 3. Part of RAWMINA’s mine waste valorisation aims is to recycle up to 90% of this precious resource. (5 letters)
  3. 4. Essential element for ensuring longer life span of batteries. (6 letters)
  4. 6. RAWMINA focuses on removing this mineral by means of magnetic separation. (4 letters)
  5. 7. Chile has the world's largest deposits of this mineral ore. (6 letters)