Portugal - Grapes and Regions

  1. 4. Named used in Alentejo for Tinta Roriz (aka Tempranillo)
  2. 5. Region in north centre Portugal producing predominantly red, and very mineral, wines
  3. 6. Large region spread over eight sub-regions in the south east of Portugal
  4. 9. River that runs along the north end of the Vinho Verde region
  5. 10. Colour of grapes that account for two thirds of plantings and most of wine production
  6. 11. Most well-known variety in the Douro (first word)
  7. 14. Portuguese for wine
  8. 15. Region mostly known for tourism and Sir Cliff Richard’s estate
  9. 16. Volcanic Atlantic archipelago producing red and white still wines
  1. 1. Only grape allowed to produce Monção e Melgaço Vinho Verde
  2. 2. Portuguese for ‘estate’, notably used in wines form the Douro and Ports
  3. 3. Dominant black variety in Bairrada
  4. 5. Oldest demarcated wine region in the world
  5. 7. International red grape variety with significant role in Alentejo blends
  6. 8. Wine that dominates wine production in the Douro valley
  7. 9. Portuguese island famous for its fortified wines
  8. 11. Vinho regional region north east of Lisbon (also name of river that runs south of the city)
  9. 12. Word that features in many red varieties names in the Douro
  10. 13. Climate in the Vinho Verde region