Preparing for a Honey Show

  1. 2. Fingers should not do this to a finished honey jar ready for the show
  2. 4. Entrants would like to receive one of these of any color
  3. 7. Many beekeepers use their wax for these small purse or pocket items
  4. 8. In a honey show most categories require not one bottle of honey but _________ bottles
  5. 9. Even this part of your honey jar should be clean
  6. 12. the honeycomb cells in a chunk comb entry must be facing this direction to win a ribbon
  7. 14. To avoid wavy lines on a cooling wax block, cover the pan with a sheet of this
  8. 16. Many honey shows have a category for this with a standard recipe everyone must follow
  9. 17. Judges count off mightily if they find these on the jar
  10. 18. If the judges find honey on this top part, you are in deep trouble
  11. 19. This is more important than the taste of your honey
  12. 22. What you should wear when cleaning up your honey entries before turning them in
  13. 24. This should be centered in a candle entry
  14. 26. To keep cut comb from bleeding, place the blocks here for at least 24 hours
  15. 28. (3 words together) the ribbon most coveted
  1. 1. Honeycomb in a jar with clear honey around it
  2. 3. A type of honey entry in usually a 4" box
  3. 5. In this honey show entry, all that counts is the taste
  4. 6. The bottom of any candle must have this characteristic
  5. 8. This entry in the honey show may make the judges slur their words
  6. 10. The best place to cool a wax block for the smoothest, uninterrupted result
  7. 11. Some people remove these by driving their jars around in a hot car
  8. 13. Never use this on your honey jars
  9. 15. To clean this aspect of your honey at the honey show, some recommend using a silver demitasse spoon
  10. 16. These items are a way to use the honey comb after harvest
  11. 19. Many honey shows offer this in addition to a ribbon to a winner.
  12. 20. The purpose of preparing a honey show entry (besides winning ribbons) is to ________ yourself about proper preparation of our products
  13. 21. honey should be translucent and _____
  14. 23. Some honey shows allow honey to be entered in jars made of this but most require glass
  15. 25. entering wax in this form is one of the hardest categories in the honey show
  16. 27. fill line for queen line jars. Be sure to know what your honey show rules require