Pruning Camellias the Right way

  1. 3. Small cotton-like fungi buds that form on the nodes
  2. 7. The process of creating more finely divided twigs via pruning
  3. 9. What can you prevent from feeding on your bonsai by pruning your camellias?
  4. 10. The act of cleaning bonsai tools before use to prevent disease
  1. 1. The technique used to shape and maintain a bonsai
  2. 2. Camellias usually flower in the latter part of this season
  3. 4. Type of branch you need to remove before pruning
  4. 5. The skeleton of the tree you usually see in winter
  5. 6. How old should a camellia be before you start pruning?
  6. 8. The main bonsai species of the article