Rapunzel's World

  1. 2. Rapunzel's iconic and magical feature
  2. 4. Determined horse who serves as a royal guard and chases after Flynn Rider
  3. 6. Manipulative woman who pretends to be Rapunzel's mother and keeps her locked in a tower
  4. 7. Roguish thief who helps Rapunzel escape and becomes her love interest
  5. 8. Playful chameleon who is Rapunzel's faithful companion
  6. 9. Isolated structure where Rapunzel is imprisoned
  1. 1. Glowing objects released by Rapunzel and Flynn Rider during the "I See the Light" sequence
  2. 3. Kind and creative character imprisoned by Mother Gothel
  3. 5. Magical power of Rapunzel's hair that can restore youth and heal injuries