Renoun Sunday Crossword

  1. 1. the technology that attaches your boot to your ski
  2. 5. a designated area with jumps, rails, boxes’ and other terrain features
  3. 6. Renoun's powder and backcountry ski
  4. 8. the inner material of a ski
  5. 12. wooded ski terrain in a resort
  6. 13. a type of skiing that involves skiing between tight poles or gates
  7. 14. Renoun's all mountain ski series
  8. 15. mounds of snow on a ski slope
  9. 16. a type of human-powered skiing utilizing special bindings and climbing skins
  10. 17. the bottom material of your ski
  11. 19. a type of free heel skiing that uses a lunging motion to turn
  1. 1. the area outside the patrolled boundaries of a ski area
  2. 2. when the ski edges cut into the snow and travel straight along their length
  3. 3. a type of skiing that includes aerials and mogul competitions
  4. 4. a type of skiing also known as downhill. done at lift-assisted ski resorts with groomed runs that are marked and patrolled
  5. 5. light fluffy snow
  6. 7. Renoun's carving ski
  7. 9. Renoun's patented anti-vibration core technology
  8. 10. a steep, narrow gully on a mountainside
  9. 11. Renoun's women's all-mountain ski
  10. 18. a mass of snow sliding quickly down a slope
  11. 20. the metal outer part of a ski