IRA Puzzle November 2022

  1. 2. The after-tax investment in an IRA
  2. 3. When an IRA contribution is more than is permitted
  3. 7. Movement of assets from traditional IRA to Roth that must be done by December 31, to count for this year
  4. 9. Acronym for charitable donation that can be made from IRAs by those 70 1/2 and older
  5. 10. Two word phrase for penalty for missing RMD deadline
  6. 11. Beneficiary who has a maximum payout period of ten years
  7. 12. Acronym for minimum withdrawal requirement by IRA owner over age 72
  1. 1. The only way a nonspouse beneficiary can move an IRA
  2. 4. The type of IRA contributions that can qualify for tax-free growth
  3. 5. A type of IRA that holds assets for a beneficiary.
  4. 6. The only life expectancy table that can be used to calculate RMDs for inherited IRAs
  5. 8. beneficiary who inherits IRA from primary beneficiary