Romance Tropes

  1. 5. You know how when you get left at the altar, but then you go on a trip by yourself and find someone way cooler, hotter, and nicer to fall in love with? Yeah.
  2. 7. Our main character has been crushing on their big brother's BFF forever! If only they would notice them.
  3. 8. They try to keep it professional, but after many late nights working on a big project together, enjoying take out over a desk top, and sharing cab rides, their working relationship turns into something more.
  4. 9. Our main characters messed things up the first time around. Maybe one of them left town. Or gasp! maybe somebody cheated. But they're back in each other's orbit and hopefully, they can get it right this time.
  5. 10. The confidence, the sexy salt and pepper hair, the laugh lines that tell of a life well-lived. Our main character knows they want their older lover. They just have to convince them to take a chance on a sweet, young thing like them.
  1. 1. One main character is sworn to protect the other. They'll do it for duty, for their country, or even for a paycheck. But mostly, they'll do it for love.
  2. 2. Our main character grew up poor and isolated. But they've always had a feeling they have another life waiting for them. Our hero(ine) comes along and helps them discover who they truly are.
  3. 3. Our main characters lock eyes from across the room and share stolen kisses hidden away in dark corners. But family, duty, or country prevent them from publicly declaring their love for each other.
  4. 4. Our main character has a big family event to attend. They don't want to attend as a dreaded single and have Great Aunt Bertha pity them. Or worse, deal with the date their mom tries to set them up with. Thankfully, their friend has generously agreed to pretend to be their fiance at the party. What a relief!
  5. 5. Our main characters have an itch to scratch with each other. That's it. But they didn't realize they would catch feelings during their late night booty calls.
  6. 6. Parents or country try to dictate who our main character will marry. But they escape this wretched duty and fall in love with someone else. Or, plot twist! They fall for the person they're promised to.