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  1. 1. After a hand of 25, these Creggs rugby brothers would probably finish at 15 and 10.
  2. 3. Mix pink gin and don't leave any spare when watching this film.
  3. 4. Show all the red cards you like, this place is more known for holy orders than marching orders
  4. 10. Lord Edward's ladies
  5. 12. This animated Hollywood movie could have been the inspiration for McDermott's southern success in 2019.
  6. 14. What did Kumar Kangah do?
  7. 17. In this town, the Kings hold court.
  8. 20. These women rose from the ashes with ash in hand in 2019.
  9. 21. This Padraig Pearses man always looks so sharp, you could mark him as high definition.
  10. 22. Roscommon's first All Star.
  11. 23. This Jack in the Box sprung out of Ballybay.
  12. 24. A little bit of Amsterdam right here in Castleplunkett.
  13. 25. The Tisrara stickmen
  14. 26. One Castlerea house where you'd better hope the gloves come off.
  15. 27. With Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo in the mix, this school toured to Croke Park in 2018.
  16. 28. The home team in McCarthy Park.
  1. 2. This father and son duo were a crucial part of the Meen machine last year.
  2. 5. Top Guns in 1985, they headed for the Wild West nine years later.
  3. 6. Currently fourth in the RDFL, yet still number 79?
  4. 7. Add ten to a mature filly, and you're suddenly in hurling country.
  5. 8. If you're still feeling alive in decade number five, you'll have a ball with these guys.
  6. 9. This hotel hosts one of Roscommon's biggest swinging clubs.
  7. 11. Adding gloss to Clann teams for generations
  8. 12. Insuring a good start to the season for 25 years.
  9. 13. His dream of election success was recently yanked from his grasp.
  10. 15. Do this, and then seek the answer.
  11. 16. In 2017 in Salthill, he was stationed close to goal and darted in for a crucial score.
  12. 18. When the Gaels needed space, they found the answer in a local Small Unit.
  13. 19. Dad counts the pennies while she kicks the points.
  14. 23. The last team to beat Roscommon in a senior football championship qualifier.