RTT Horse Colors

  1. 2. horses with a golden colored coat and a white mane and tail. Luke, Lilly, Andy, and Flynn have this coloring.
  2. 3. horses who are black with no brown or red hair. They may have white markings on face or legs.
  3. 4. horses who are born one color such and slowly become lighter as they get older. These horses have black skin under white hair. Abby has this coloring.
  4. 5. horses with a reddish-brown coat and the same color or lighter mane and tail. Orion, Lucky, and Paxton have this coloring.
  1. 1. horses who are a dark brown Chestnut color with the same color or lighter mane and tail. Miss B has this unique coloring (2 words)
  2. 2. horses with white patches plus large patches of black, brown, chestnut or any other colors.
  3. 3. horses with a brown or reddish-brown body with black points on their legs and face, and a black mane and tail.