Saint Crossing word's

  1. 3. Michael the Archangel was a _______for God.
  2. 6. Saint Luke wrote two books of the Bible, the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the________.
  3. 8. St. Zoe shared my love for Jesus with_______ around me.
  4. 10. Noah God told me to build an ark to save the creatures of the world from a giant flood. After the flood, a rainbow appeared in the___.
  5. 11. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity. The sisters in my order take care of the poorest of the poor all over the_____.
  6. 12. Saint Lucy lived during a time when the leaders of my land, Sicily, did not want anyone to be________.
  7. 13. St.Bernadette saw a vision of the Blessed________!
  8. 14. St. Jacinta would pray the rosary and make sacrifices, sometimes I would even give up my ______.
  1. 1. God blessed Saint Pardre Pio life with many _________.
  2. 2. Pope Francis Before Jesus went up to heaven he made Saint Peter the first Pope to lead the_____.
  3. 4. Blessed Father Solanus Casey helped start the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit during the Great _______.
  4. 5. St. Francis of Assis life, Jesus appeared to me on the cross and told me to______ His church.
  5. 7. St. Gabriel delivered messages to God’s people in the Old and New_________.
  6. 9. St. Joan of Arc received a very special gift from God, I could hear the saints talking to me while I was still on_____!
  7. 13. Saint Gianna lived on earth I worked as a doctor. I also had a husband and children that I loved very ____.