ACT/SAT/GRE Vocabulary 1

  1. 1. (Verb) to take over a position by force or without legal right.
  2. 4. (Noun) someone or something that is generally avoided; outcast.
  3. 5. (Noun) an angry and/or noisy argument.
  4. 6. (Adj)unable to be controlled or corrected; unruly.
  5. 10. (Adj) severe or harsh.
  6. 12. (Adj) having an unreasoned feeling or opinion of something.
  7. 13. (Noun) having an abundant supply of money, property, and other material goods; wealth.
  8. 14. (Noun) relieving emotional tensions, especially through any kind of art.
  9. 16. (Adj) hazy or vague; confusing.
  10. 17. (Adj) very perceptive or discerning; shrewd; cunning.
  11. 18. (Noun) pretending to have virtuous standards, character, morals, or beliefs that one does not actually possess or is the opposite of how they actually behave.
  12. 19. (Noun) a ruler with absolute, unlimited power; a tyrant or oppressor
  1. 2. (Verb) to come to a conclusion without certain or strong evidence; guess; conjecture.
  2. 3. (Verb) to surrender; give up.
  3. 7. (Noun) anything that creates confusion; a difficult problem or question.
  4. 8. (Adj) extraordinary in a bad way; flagrant.
  5. 9. (Noun) required beforehand.
  6. 11. (Verb) to prevent the presence, existence, or occurrence of; make impossible.
  7. 15. (Noun) a long, angry outburst; denunciation.
  8. 20. (Adj) having a strong mental appeal; something that moves the emotions.