1. 4. The period between two lessons.
  2. 7. The assignment the teacher gives you to be completed at home.
  3. 10. It is the place you can have lunch at school.
  4. 13. You have your Daily physical exercise here.
  5. 14. The children you attend the same class.
  6. 17. Optional activities after the lessons are over at school.
  7. 19. The lady who organizes the life of a school and responsible for everything.
  8. 21. A kind of school for children between the ages of 6 and 14.
  1. 1. A 45-minute period at school.
  2. 2. All the disciplines you study at school.
  3. 3. Languages others than your mother tongue.
  4. 5. This is summer time for students.
  5. 6. The subject giving you a good physical exercise.
  6. 8. Young kids learn how to use a fork and knife and how to do up their shoelaces besides playing a lot.
  7. 9. The kind of teacher who is the head of a class.
  8. 11. You can study here after finishing the secondary school.
  9. 12. The final examination at the end of a secondary school.
  10. 15. A kind of four-year school after the primary school.
  11. 16. The main activity students do at school.
  12. 18. The book you study from at school.
  13. 20. The discipline about computers.