SFWFFL Spring Quarantine Crossword

  1. 4. you can do this between the hips and shoulders, but not from the back or side or you'll get called.
  2. 6. the place in SF where a big sign let's you know you are safe here
  3. 7. A long passing play where the QB will throw the ball in to the end zone and pray a receiver catches it.
  4. 10. if you're not playing man defense your're probably playing some type of ____
  5. 12. the purple team in our league
  6. 14. team in our league and also taylor swift lyrics. "i wanna be your..."
  7. 18. when all other teams have a game but yours doesn't
  8. 19. most people wear cleats or these to play.
  9. 20. flags are provided by SFWFFL and are this type.
  10. 21. forty percent of the league lives here.
  11. 24. league newsletter which has been out of production as of recent
  12. 25. we used to have two refs but now we use ___ for better coverage.
  13. 26. a defensive technique where the defender will initially jam the receiver at the snap of the ball and then run with them in coverage.
  14. 27. A penalty where a defender is in the neutral zone before the ball is snapped.
  15. 29. a defense where cornerbacks cover the wide receivers for the first 10-15yards off the line of scrimmage, but then the safeties take over if the WR continues deep.
  16. 31. when the QB changes the play prior to the snap.
  17. 32. The grouping of players in between plays
  1. 1. The side of the field facing the quarterback’s back side when they are dropping back to pass.
  2. 2. When the QB purposely throws the ball to the ground or in a place where none of the receivers can catch it.
  3. 3. the bar in SF with arcade games that we recently enjoyed
  4. 5. you can either go for one or two points.
  5. 8. the park we like to hang out at when it's nice out
  6. 9. The route that a wide receiver runs where they start running straight downfield and then turn and run diagonally toward the goal posts.
  7. 11. on a fourth down you can either go for it or ____
  8. 13. When the ball carrier sticks their arm out to prevent the defenders from getting close and grabbing their flag. You get a penalty for doing this.
  9. 15. what everyone is doing all around the country to stay safe.
  10. 16. the team in our league that is "out of this world"
  11. 17. The tournament in Hawaii that just got cancelled.
  12. 21. number of players on each side on the field.
  13. 22. since the average age of the league is 31 we should all do this before games.
  14. 23. The area from the defense’s 20-yard line to the goal line. Scoring can be harder because the field is so condensed, but easier because the goal line is so close.
  15. 28. An offensive player who moves around the backfield prior to the snap of the ball.
  16. 30. where you pitch the ball to a teammate even with or behind you.