SIMSA Operational Excellence

  1. 2. Average time between completion of two units (5,4)
  2. 7. A principle that ensures that quality is automatically built into a production process (6)
  3. 8. A technique used to periodically examine if the operating activities comply with the standard procedures or policies
  4. 9. A method for levelling any operation (8)
  5. 10. A visual control device in a operational area (5,5)
  6. 12. checks and procedures that regulate, guide, and protect an organization (8)
  7. 15. Known for Fourteen Points to cure the Seven Deadly Diseases (6)
  1. 1. A list of items you need to prepare, verify, or check before executing any work (9)
  2. 3. A tool for identifying potential problems and their impact (4)
  3. 4. One of the Muda related to time(7)
  4. 5. One of the IT tools based on PDCA framework to automate the operational audit workflow (5)
  5. 6. A technique used in elevators that are equipped with an electric eye to prevent doors from shutting on people (4,4)
  6. 11. Probability of losses caused by flawed processes, policies, systems or events that disrupt business operations (4)
  7. 13. Acronym for the technique to speed up the change-over (4)
  8. 14. The real place or the place where the actual task/operation is conducted (5)