1. 3. Most popular type of pass
  2. 5. These players help protect the goal keeper
  3. 9. Soccer players should not use this part of the body
  4. 10. One should use this part of the body when kicking the ball
  5. 12. They are in the most constant motion during the game
  6. 14. The often have cleats and some consider them to be the most important soccer equipment
  7. 15. The players in this position are similar to guards in basketball
  8. 17. The player does this to make contact with a ball that is too high to reach with foot
  9. 19. Controlling the ball by stopping or changing its direction
  1. 1. Type of kick that sends the ball in the opposite direction
  2. 2. Roman name for soccer
  3. 4. Possible miles-per-hour speed of a kicked soccer ball
  4. 6. Some consider these to be the best all-around players
  5. 7. Acronym for the US Pro soccer organization
  6. 8. This player is allowed to use their hands during play
  7. 11. Move the ball 10-12 inches per bounce and keeping control of it while moving
  8. 13. International soccer competition takes place at the _______ cup
  9. 16. Pads for leg protection
  10. 18. Number of players on a soccer team
  11. 20. Precision Kicking