1. 4. a pass that goes to the player who scored a goal
  2. 6. the act of give-and-go
  3. 10. a player’s attempt to steal a ball from the opposing team
  4. 12. an attacking position
  5. 13. the act of kicking a ball whilst in midair
  6. 14. ball kicked from teammate to teammate
  7. 15. hitting a ball with your head
  8. 17. a penalty area that is sometimes called the 18-yard box, to distinguish it from the goal area
  9. 20. the last line of defense in front of a goalie
  1. 1. a player who is kicking a ball
  2. 2. in, an overhead throw used to resume the game
  3. 3. a net sed to play the game
  4. 5. an attempt to kick a ball into a goal
  5. 7. person who assists the referee
  6. 8. a position between the defenders and forwards
  7. 9. when the goalie drop kicks a ball
  8. 11. the act of kicking the ball from the side field into the middlefield
  9. 16. a person who protects the goal
  10. 18. stopping the ball with your body to control it
  11. 19. when the goalie protects a shot